Wednesday, 18 September 2019
Ibiza Goes Hard

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Some have changed these previous months, so make sure to be up to date with the latest info of venues, opening times, line-up and last entry times.
Boat timings are especially important and we urge you to only rely on the information here: ibizahard.com/program and on our official Facebook page there: fb.com/Ibiza.Goes.Hard

These are the main links to consult for accurate up to date information!

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Ibiza Goes Hard 2019’s timetable has been revealed and can be viewed here:
We are now on “Version 2.0” of this timetable, which sees a different running order on Saturday’s Water Party.

These changes were made following circumstances out of our control.

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We would like to invite you to join us to our Welcome Drinks on the Thursday afternoon at the Flaherty’s Irish Pub from 17:00 to 20:00.
Apart from a chance to meet like-minded hardcore heads, it will be your opportunity to grab some of our exclusive limited edition IGH 2019 merchandise and to collect your Club Package wristband(s) and Extra Add-on bands.

• Club Packages:
We will scan your e-ticket (bring them on your phone – save paper) and then attach the wristband canvas to your wrist using a crimper tool, so it stays in place for all the duration of the festival.

• Extra Add-ons:
For the 2 boats parties and the Es Paradis Water Party it will be paper bands of
different colours each. Instead of putting them on directly, we advise you to save these at your accommodation and to only wear them for their relative event as they are not waterproof and you might loose them.
If lost, there is nothing we can do, as we won’t be able to reissue any once

Thanks to the Flaherty’s special discount for all the Ibiza Goes Hard attendees, you’ll be able to enjoy few pints, cocktails or something to eat before the mayhem starts.

And of course, if you can’t make it to the Welcome Drinks meeting, you will be able to get your Club Package wristband and your add-ons accreditations at every club events.

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You cannot collect someone else’s Club Package wristband, as we directly put and lock it on the person’s wrist in order to avoid any embezzlement with the tickets and events access.
This said, please note that we don’t mind about the name specified on your ticket. It’s not a problem if you bought a ticket from someone else: as long as the barcode is legit and works when we scan it, you’re good to go!

We accept printed e-tickets, PDF saved on a phone and screenshots of the e-tickets : We only need the unique barcode to scan it.

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