Various Darkside Unleashed artists
Darkside Unleashed Sampler 4

22 March 2017
Darkside Unleashed Sampler 4
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Darkside Unleashed Sampler 4

Label – Darkside Unleashed
Cat – DARKUL076
Format: Digital EP
Release Date: 22/03/17

We are proud to present to you the next instalment in our Sampler series!
This album contains tracks from our core Darkside Unleashed artists, alongside our pick of the best beats we have been sent over the last few months. We think this could very well be our best Sampler release to date. Also in the download you will find a continuous DJ mix by label boss Rob Da Rhythm, containing all twenty tracks from this monster of an album!
1. Repix – Tefached (original mix)
2. Hardbouncer – This Is The Sound Of The Hardbouncer (feat MC ADK – MC Mini Bouncer’s edit)
3. The Real Legion – Ludes (original mix)
4. IRate – Own Fucking Army! (original mix)
5. Rhino – Murder Everything (original mix)
6. Miss Enemy – Pull The Plug (original mix)
7. Blaster – Blasta (original mix)
8. Sawtooth vs Mr Cuda – Its War (original mix)
9. Para Italia & Da Mouth Of Madness – Together We Are Hardcore (original mix)
10. Emergency Fuckerz – Beasting Out (original mix)
11. Lost Origin – Knocking Down Doors (original mix)
12. Para Italia – What Ya Wanna Do (original mix)
13. Sonic & D-Vstor – Mothers Like (original mix)
14. Lunatic – Little Snitch (original mix)
15. Audiostrike & Royal Pain – On The Beat (original mix)
16. UKR Resistance – DFWM (original mix)
17. Digital Violence – F#cking Jump (original mix)
18. Hungry Beats – First Order (original mix)
19. Striker – Overkill (original mix)
20. Blaserbass & MBK – Ragnarak (original mix)
21. Rob Da Rhythm – Sampler 4 (continuous DJ mix)

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