► Identification (ID)

  • Q : I don’t have ID but I’m 18, will I get in ?
  • Q : Will xyz be OK for ID ?

All licensed venues in Glasgow operate “Challenge 25”, so if you are fortunate to possibly look Under 25 years old, the security may ask for Identification to prove you are 18 years of age or over.

You can see which forms of ID are accepted at the venue HERE.

  • Q : My passport is out of date, is this OK?

If your passport is out of date, but your photo is a true likeness to you and no doubt it is you in the photo and you have some other ID such as a bank card, this is not a problem to enter the event. Otherwise, we can’t guarantee your entrance at the party.

► Dress Code

Shorts are OK
Trackies are OK
Caps are NOT ok
Football tops with sports teams or scarves are NOT ok
Music branded football tops (i.e. Thunderdome, MOH, Defqon.1) are OK


► Tickets

  • Unless we are sold out, then remaining tickets are always more on door, therefore you should buy in advance to not only save the risk to miss out but you pay less !
  • Where to buy your Twisted’s Events tickets :
    – Other places tickets are sold :
    Tickets Scotland shop for physical tickets.
  • You can buy a ticket as long as it’s not sold out and until 18:00 (6PM GMT) on the day of the event on
  • If an event is SOLD OUT, we will be sure to announce it clearly so on our website / Facebook event page !

If you purchased your tickets from :

You won’t get a physical ticket posted, but you should have an email from Skiddle with a PDF you can either download to your phone or print or save to Skiddle App. We will scan the unique barcode on entry

If you have any issues with Skiddle orders, ordering please contact Skiddle direct thru or  email

If you purchased your tickets from any other place than, you have to refer directly to the outlet you’ve passed your order with.



Please send a link to your demo to : with some info about yourself, including music style, contact details and any reasons why we should book you.
Someone will look at next time we are booking support for an event with this music style.
We get so many demos, we do not have the time to give feedback.




► Send us a mail using our Contact Form.
Please, allow us 24 hours to reply and be aware that we don’t always check our messages at weekends if there is no event on.

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